A Deeper Understanding

For the past couple of years, I have really started getting into world issues and how climate change is alive and well. It really all started when my mom would make us recycle any and everything that could be recycled. She would make us go through the trash if we threw something away that could be recycled. I would tell her she was being so over dramatic and that this was ridiculous until I saw a video on these animals. It is called dream and it was about wildlife conservation. It put things in a new perspective for me. The more and more research I do the more of an understanding I have for the damage we are doing to the Earth. I personally love to learn more about what is important than pointless things that have no correlation to my everyday learning.

When I first saw that I had to take this class I was so confused on what the actual meaning behind it was. I thought it would be a blow off class and a class that I would not want to go to.  It did not seem like something I would want to learn more about just from the title. After the first day from watching the 11th Hour I was so intrigued to learn more. I came home and was talking to my friends about climate change and what I learned from watching the movie. I showed them the trailer of the movie and we got into a big long talk about the movie. We love Leonardo DiCaprio as well so that was a bonus.

I try to keep up with current events as much as possible, but the movie itself taught me more than what I had known. It is so fascinating to me that people genuinely do not believe in climate change. I understand why people are resistant because it would affect businesses and sources of income. I just feel if people would be more aware then people could be on the hunt to find ways that would damage the Earth less. It may not be a priority to some but a majority of people want children and then grandchildren would come along, and I would like for the family I brought into a world to not have a negative experience with the Earth. The older that I have gotten the more I understand why my mom was always nagging about recycling.

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