Comfort Zone

I saw that I finally got into this class on my schedule, and the first thing I did was ask my friends who have already taken it what their outlook on it was. Everyone always has their own opinion about everything and majority of opinions towards this class weren’t the best. I came in with a closed mind for this class thinking it was going to be weird due to being told about the blogging and learning about the environment is not my cup of sweet tea.

When I got to class and saw that my chair was a bing bag I became so scared. I just knew I was going to accidentally fall asleep in that thing and get so embarrassed. I didn’t, so go me. When she began class and told us that we were going to have a partition grade that would mean us having to talk out loud in class I became terrified because again I’m not shy, but I’m also not one for talking in front of people whether I’m sitting among them or in front of them. That’s when I knew this class was going to make me go out of my comfort zone physically and mentally. We started watching the movie about the environment and my whole thought process was, “I don’t care at all about this. These people are making it out to be so dramatic.” Then I got to thinking again maybe this is where my mental thinking needs to branch out.

I’m not gonna lie I’m an occasional throwing the straw wrapper or gum out the window kinda gal. Also, I’m 100% pro trash so recycling doesn’t fit into my life in any way. The video is showing us all the trash and pollution we humans create and think nothing of it. As I’m watching the video all I can think is, “Whoa that is me..” and then I sit there knowing I’m not gonna change anything about the way I’m living and thats the problem. That’s where the wicked in the world comes from and I’m a part of that. Just as the people of Easter Island did they all just walked around the island watching it just disappear. Are we going to just walk around Earth and watch it disappear? Will we ever do something about it? I believe these are great questions, but I also believe that nothing will ever be done about it and we will just walk around watching our home disappear.

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