Eyes Opened

I have just started college, but my have my eyes been opened. Coming into college there are so many things you hear about but there is so much more that you don’t. Just a month ago I was worried about what clothes I would bring and how I would make my room cute. There were so many “first world problems” I was stressing out about. The day before I left though I was hit with a huge reality check. One of my friends committed suicide. There was an overflow of emotions on top of what I was already feeling about leaving home. On top of realizing all that I was worried about was pointless. It was a real eye opener for me. Coming into class I did not have a clue what is was going to be like, but I have realized how blind I have been. There’s so much going on outside of me and my so called “problems”. So many other people dealing with real deep issues. So many issues on this Earth. I have heard of global warming, and trying to save water, but I never really put much thought into it. I never thought about how what I do affects people in other countries, it effects our planet. My eyes have been opened and continue to be opened more everyday since being here. My journey is just beginning and I have learned beyond what I thought I ever would and it has only been a week. There have already been many ups and downs these pasts two weeks, and there will be more. But I am excited to see what all I will learn and where I will go.

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