Never ending cycle

A wicked problem is vague, unique, urgent, irreversible and undefined. Various problems such as proverty, global warming and deforestation are never ending issues in our society today. These problems are old but cause new issues as we try to correct them, making them wicked. In the collapse of Easter island the villagers of easter island where oblivious to the issues that were occurring . The bad practice of farming and lack of food was an issue in their culture. The deforestation of the land caused from cutting down trees to move huge stone monuments to please their traditions of their religion cause a downfall in their civilization. I believe These problems are old and have always been an issue in our world. Why don’t we stop deforestation? Welll The lack of materials such as wood would cause us to be short in materials and discover new ways to build buildings or furniture. Let’s say we replace the wood in our house with only carpet, which is made out of nylon. The process to produce this material pollutes thes air and contaminates our waters. Which in long run could kill off the animals we  rely on for food. So yes these problems that have occurred on Easter island could have been corrected but who knows what other issues would have arose from those actions. The civilians of the culture were very oblivious to the decline of their civilization as a whole and once they noticed it was to late.

Thinking deeper into the concept of unattainable issues, nonrenewable resources is a big one. Resources such as oil are limited in our world and once they are gone they are GONE. Finding alternative power sources such as wind and electricity has been accomplished but a struggle to  distribute across the world. The decline of nonrenewable resources is always going to be there, therefore making this issue wicked. I believe there is no end to certain problems in our world today and that eventually we will run out of trees and resources but the human race as a whole is built to adapt. So we won’t die as a whole but we will have to make some changes to how and what resources we use.

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