Learning about the different wicked problems and reading the story about Easter Island just open my eyes to more of the things I have to work on going forward in life. In easter island you had people with very little resources break apart and causing war. Now in today’s world people are fighting and we are corrupting our planet with misusing our natural resources. The only thing different is that we have more technology and a government that provides law and order. Easter Island just shows us what we could go back to if we don’t sit down and realize what we are doing. Personally I never thought or cared about global warming until we started having weird weather during certain times of the year. At that time you don’t have a choice but to be interested .Since the last time I was in this class I learned to be more sustainable with more things in my life from reusing water bottles to using my time more wisely. I think most of my generation is just worried about other things than the problems of the world but we have to focus more into it because it’s our future.

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