The Bean Bag is NOT my Thinking Place.

This past week turned out to be quite the shock. My first shock was in finding that this class was required for my major, while I am still not sure why I am very excited to find out!! The second came from walking into a room filled with oddly shaped bean bag chairs you would think are comfortable when in reality, they are not! Lastly, watching The 11th Hour the very first day surprised me to no end. The content and just the fact that our first day was a movie day was surprising to me! But, I will not lie, I didn’t mind watching Leonardo DiCaprio explain the earth’s ultimate doom.
The 11th Hour honestly opened my eyes to things I never imagined were issues before. Population, deforestation and the process of which GMO foods are made were never things I put much thought into. The link in from the movie to the article about Easter Island made everything click a whole lot better! Surprisingly, I loved reading the article and seeing how things played out for the individuals in their position. It just seems so strange to me that the population that lived on the island did nothing to solve their population and deforestation problems. When it was incredibly obvious what was going on. My main take away from the video and article was to be aware and conscious of what is going on around me and be willing to put effort towards solving the problem!

My outlook on this class surely has changed from the moment I realized this class was required. I used to think this class would be a waste of time that would bring me no useful knowledge at all, boy was I wrong! I am truly excited to see all that this class has to offer up in these next three weeks, and to figure out what truly makes this class connect to my major.

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