The end of the Earth as we know it!

To be completely honest I had no idea what in the world I was getting myself into taking a class called Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice. I heard a few things from other students saying “you have to do crazy yoga, blog, and meditate.” As I heard this from several other students all I could think was where the heck does the wicked problems part come in? But, now after the first week of class I can say that I have learned my first life lesson. Don’t believe what you hear from other people! Everyone experiences things in their own way so don’t judge something based off their experience.

Now that I got that out of the way lets move on to the more serious matter. Before class on Tuesday I had no idea what Wicked Problems were. But, after watching the 11th hour I began to grasp a deeper concept of the term wicked. Wicked problems are complications that have no clear solution or path to resolve them. These can include problems such as water shortage, climate change, pollution, deforestation, and many more. Wicked problems can cause huge set backs environmentally for the world to obtain sustainability. What does that mean? Well, each wicked problem we face slowly eats away at our planet in different ways destroying our home for the next billion years. Honestly I don’t know about you but that scares me, A LOT!! Each wicked problem not only has an undefined solution but it also has an unclear timestamp for its declination on the planet. Meaning that we have no idea when our planet will self destruct or get to a certain temperature that life is no longer able to exist on it.

The worst part is at the rate we are going we don’t have any solutions to resolve climate change, or pollution. So basically our ancestors set our future generations up to collapse and all we can do is our best which is to “Save the planet” while we are here.

Although, other students think they may have just blogged, and did some yoga, I think this class is a great eye opener for me. I never really knew the effects of climate change and how wicked problems may effect my career in the future. Honestly, I am extremely excited to learn how to meditate and do yoga if that is what we actually do!

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