There Is No End Until The End

I have never been one to speak about social issues or politics or really anything that may be argumentative; but this past week I walked into the most relaxing looking room on campus and received the surprise of a lifetime. I found that this room, which was filled with bean bags, would be where we would discuss a topic that has helped in dividing our country.


Honestly, I can say that I had heard of the terms “global warming” and “climate change” and knew that there were some that believed in the issue while others didn’t, but I had no further background knowledge on the topics. Obviously I knew that it dealt with our planet but that’s not exactly enough to say I was well aware of anything. We began discussing the topic in class and I was gaining all this information on the way that we are killing our planet and the fact that people can actually believe it’s a myth but no one was bringing up any solid way to bring this issue to an end.


If you aren’t aware already climate change or global warming, however you’d refer to it, is the way in which the way we live our lives is affecting the planet. The gas you put in your car this morning is being reduced from the supply that we have left. The water you used to water your lawn is water that other states in our country don’t have to drink. We are running out of clean water. We are overusing oil. We are all destroying our planet. We all participate in these things in which hurt our planet, wildlife, and forestry; yet we do not acknowledge what we are doing. After sitting in class watching the documentary, “The 11th hour” by Leonardo Dicaprio, it became evident that global warming is not something that we will defeat. Not because it’s impossible to accomplish if we were persistent but because humans are oblivious to the fact that it’s real. The reason being is because the world revolves around money. No matter the industry everybody would, in one way or another, be affected if we actually made changes to the way we lived.


Humans have a mentality in which they believe that we are superior to nature, that we can control it, the truth is we are nature. We do not control it, it can control us. Unfortunately, what I gained from this week of learning was that we will never be able to reverse what we have done to this planet. As long as people consider climate change to be a “belief system” we will never be able to back up before it’s too late.

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