Time Heals

I was originally majoring in chemistry with secondary education. All of my classes were STEM based and I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. It’s my third year at OSU and I needed change. Prior to coming to OSU I’ve always wanted to do something in DHM but I was reluctant to do so. Disregarding personal feelings, I took the initiative to pursue something that I am interested in. Something that will make me happy.

First off I am excited to take a DHM course but coming into this class I had no idea what to expect. I first walked in and there were no desks, only bean bag chairs. Coming from the science/education realm this was very new to me. Almost off putting, though not in a bad way. It made me realize that the bean bag chairs were a catalyst in creating a calming open discussion based atmosphere. I haven’t been as involved in class discussions prior to coming into this program. So the participation on my side really made me think about the main topic of the class, wicked problems.

Wicked problems are complex issues that if solved can create/lead to other problems. To help us students get into what wicked problems are we watched a little bit of a movie called the 11th hour. Which dealt with the problem of humans’ lack of responsibility when faced with sustainability issues. This issue led to many problems like global warming, animal extinction, and population issues. What’s been keeping these problems consistent is the issue of humanity and their superiority complex. Which some humans place themselves above nature. Thus are blinded by the real issue. For me personally I do not place myself above nature because we came from nature. Why would one place themselves above something that is so great and that’s been around for ages. It’s just mind boggling to me. Another topic we covered was the story of Easter Island and the sustainability issue the islanders faced. The islanders used up many of their resources and didn’t quite invest their time appropriately. They had wars and festivities. Which convoluted the real issue, their lacking of resources. Which ultimately led to their demise. From learning about Easter Island and applying it to the global scale. We are facing the same thing the islanders faced. However, we are trying to take the initiative to improve our conditions though some of the damage is irreversible. I honestly believe that humanity disappeared it would do the Earth good but I don’t want to disappear. I feel like that time will make things heal if we all start taking responsibility and contributing to helping take care of the environment.

In the end the important discovery of what I learned this week is that things are bad but could be worse. It made me open my eyes even more so. I was already environmentally contentious but this really solidified my beliefs and practices. I look forward to future endeavors in class discussion.

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