What Goes up Must Come Down

So when I first saw that I had to take a class called “Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice”, I just kind of laughed thinking that it would be a blow off class that would talk about things that would have no real world use to me. I figured that we would talk about huge corporations and their matching egos and how they are manipulating the minds of consumers to get them to do what they want. I figured that this would have no use to me, as I plan to open my own business and work for myself. Little did I know that I was the one with the big ego, thinking that I would learn nothing and remain unchanged. Throughout this week, I have had a couple of eye openers that were much needed.


First of all, this class is much more than I expected. When I was first assigned the reading, I didn’t think much of it. I figured I would just read it, do the notes, and get the grade. To my surprise, the Easter Island reading really resignated with me in way that I never imagined that it would. Thinking about villagers who died off hundreds of years ago due to using up their resources, doesn’t make me feel like I can relate to them in any kind of way. Shockingly, there were many parallels to the villagers then and the human race now that really made me stop and think about the way that I am living. Just like the villagers of Easter Island, my actions will have major consequences if I don’t sacrifice my current way of life.


Something that also stuck with me was that this class included much more that the horrible habits of large corporations. In this past week, I have learned that I am also part of the problem. This whole time I have been strolling through life thinking that everyone else is the problem and that I didn’t need to worry about it. I always recycle water bottles after I finish them so I was doing my part, right? Everyone always talks about these mega corporations causing global warming with air and water pollution and that doesn’t include me so I didn’t need to change, right? Wrong. Until this past week, I never thought about how my lifestyle actually encouraged the habits of these corporations. I’m a sucker for trash fashion. I buy it cheap, wear it maybe three times and forget about it. I never thought about the endless cycle that this could cause. After I’m done with a garment, I go searching for more, causing these corporations to have to supply it faster, speeding up the whole process. So in fact, I can consider myself part of the problem.


Overall, I think this class will make me uncomfortable but, in a good way. The kind of uncomfortable that causes you to make changes in your life that are much needed. I look forward to the next three weeks and what they bring with them.

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