What is a wicked problem??

When I first enrolled for this class I was super confused about what a “wicked” problem was. I honestly had no idea that it would have anything to do with sustainability. I have never actually taken a class about sustainability or really even knew what that was. This week we reflected on what wicked problems are in the world and its insane how many there are. When watching The 11th Hour I saw how many wicked problems there are that are really damaging not only us but our planet. A wicked problem just means that there is really no simple way to fix it. For example, global warming can be considered a wicked problem because 1) not everyone is on the same page about it, and 2) even if we did things to fix it there would still probably be never ending problems after that. We also read a little article about Easter Island that I found very interesting. I had heard of Easter Island before but never really knew anything about it. The fact that they used all of their resources too fast and eventually died out really worries me for our future on this planet. It was really an eye opener about trying to help the planet rather than harm it because we need our resources for survival. Our future really depends on us and we should be taking care of ourselves and the living things around us.

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