“What kind of class is this?”

During the spring semester of 2017, I was with my advisor, choosing my schedule for the upcoming fall. She told me I had to take a “Wicked Problems” class. Of course, I thought what kind of class is this? I assumed it had to deal with difficult problems with the business area of DHM. I had no clue that it was about environmental problems that tied in with DHM. I heard from others that it was an interesting class and there was a lot of reading, which I didn’t mind.

On the first day of class I walked through the building looking for the correct room, I kept walking all the way to the end to see glass doors. Through the glass, I saw bean bag chairs which caught me off guard. I definitely did not expect to see a classroom with colorful bean bag chairs on the ground instead of tables or desks. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

During class, we watched a movie called The 11th Hour. It was a movie produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, talking about the environmental problems that we face today and what is causing them. I took AP environmental in high school so I had a good idea of most of the topics they discuss in the movie. Because it has been a while since I’ve learned about the environment, it was a great refresher.

Before our second class, we read an article about Easter Island. I honestly enjoyed the reading because it was interesting and I noticed that it tied in with problems we have on our earth today. On the second day, we had a group discussion that led into a class discussion about the Easter Island article. It was intriguing to know what everyone’s thoughts and opinions were about the Island. One part that stood out to me was that islanders knew the tragedy that was going on but they didn’t do anything to stop it. This is very similar to our planet today. Most of humans on the earth know the cause and the solution to fix what we have destroyed, but they are not doing anything to stop it. There are a handful of people that are trying to help, another handful that want to help, and others that don’t believe what’s going on, or they don’t know.

So far, I have really enjoyed the class, especially the class discussions. I’m looking forward to the next three weeks to see what else we will learn. I think this is a great required course because it makes everyone aware of what is going on in our environment.


About dqcompclass

I'm from Broken Arrow, OK, I'm a Business Management Major, and I'm an Alpha Chi.
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