Who is to blame?

The issues, events, and the changes that are going on as I write have not always been at the top of my priority list, but after the discussions and the reading I was able to experience, they are now in the top 5. I have always wondered who started it all, or who could we initially blame. What is going on in this world is affecting this Earth more greatly than people see. An open mind is a very important aspect to maintain each day. I feel as if many of the issues that are now clear as day, can be somewhat blamed on the mindset many people have these days. The greater things in life have become the number you see in your bank account and the glorious items one buys with that well hard earned cash. But for me, I have learned that what really is great, is free and all around us. Nature has become so normal, we are caring less and less about it, and now we are on the verge of destroying what is so beautiful. The world around us has been taken for granted, and because of that there is fear in my heart for the child that ill birth in the near future. Knowing that his/her health isn’t guaranteed, the air they breathe isn’t decent, or their future home may become overran by trash, truly makes me fear for them and the generations that are coming. Why can’t it be easy? Why can’t it be simple? Why do we have to let the unnecessary things take up the part of our heart that should be beating for what will really keep this life beautiful.

Reading what happened to Easter Island makes me realize how very important it is really grasp what being sustainable is. From recycling to save a tree, to turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth, could eventually change and possible slow down some issues that we are dealing with. It is not clear to everyone that our materials are not limitless. We will eventually run out of the things we really need if we do not learn how to figure out new sustainable ideas, cut use of them, and stop wasting them.

With that being said, I am very excited to continue this class, in hopes to become more aware of what really is going on, learn new solutions that could become possible, and to lose the fear that I have for the future generations.

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