Wicked Problem?

When I was at orientation and my advisor told us we had to take this course, I thought to myself, “what in the world, why?” I didn’t understand what this course had to do with Interior Design at all, and honestly I was kind of irritated because it was an 8 a.m., I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t understand what the point of me taking the course was.

Now that I have been through two class periods, I have come to the realization that this course isn’t so bad. Even though its at 8 a.m. twice a week, I find the course beneficial and interesting. Walking in and seeing the bean bags was a shock, and kind of nerve – racking, but all is well, as it is a comfier discussion that way, and I can see it being helpful in that way in the future.

SO, now I ask myself, Wicked Problem? Well over the last two classes I have learned that a wicked problem, is an unsolvable problem, or a problem that no one has the time or energy to end up solving. The education that I have learned about our Earth in a sum of three and a half hours of discussion and movie-watching, is about how much one learns in their whole high school career. It is upsetting to see what we have done to the earth, and how only very few people take action to stop contributing to the problems and actually educate people and students like ourselves. I wish that there was an easy solution to these problems that everyone could learn about to make a difference in the world, but unfortunately there isn’t.

Easter Island had me all kinds of messed up. Seeing how a civilization just crashed all of the sudden because they didn’t take care of the things they survived off of was sort of frightening. Ive heard of the story of Easter Island before, but I have never actually read up on it. A very interesting story that I think we as Americans, or even just humans, could learn from. History does repeat itself in some circumstances, so we better start preparing and taking precautions now.

To sum up my long post, I leave you with this. I am very excited about the continuation of this course. I know the work will be a challenge, but I am ready to learn at 8 a.m. in those quite comfy bean bag chairs. I hope that the human race can learn from the past, and fix the future of our world by learning about conservation, and just “wicked problems” in general.

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