Wicked Problems: Blog #1

This class…just wow.  The issues decussed are topics we should have learned by now and we should have our own opinions formed rather then a professor filling our heads; some people have not looked and or even researched the topics we are speaking about.

Different people are allowed to think different things such as opinions on global warming.  I believe we need to be good stewards of the Earth as God has said but I do not believe we are creating global warming.  It is a big liberal hoax that is being influenced in classes, textbooks and the media.  Also as you drew the conclusion on Easter island that people were too focused on their religion so they didn’t notice their island was going down hill and tried to bring it back to Global warming and people are turning their heads because of religion; you couldn’t be more wrong because we are taught to care of the world that God gave us.

That being said I do believe in deforestation and acid rains and the fact that we do need regulations put down.  The Earth is a beautiful natural thing and if we want it to stay that way we do need to keep it clean. We need to re-plant the trees that we’ve lost  and looking into different ways of helping to rebuild the forest.  We also need to make sure that there are regulations put down so that not as many pollutants are disposed into our environment.  The world is a beautiful natural place that is self healing but we do need to do our part.

Another problem that is clearly wicked is overpopulation.  I have no idea how to fix that problem making even hard to think about.  Putting a regulation on people and how many children they have is horrible yet if we don’t do it the Earth will not be able to support everyone on it.  With this overpopulation problem many people move from place to place. During this moving period we sometimes transport alien species from one area to another causing even more problems and ecosystems to collapse because these alien species did not originate in where they ended up.  It is problem on problem and a vicious cycle that causes other problems.  It just goes on and on.


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