My Sustainable Beginning

What do I think of when I hear the term sustainable? The first two words that popped into my head were conserve and save. Which basically they mean the same thing but, still were the first two words that I thought of. Sustainability to me is the act of helping out the environment. Any act of help such as: recycling, reducing the amount of water used each day, not littering, etc. is helping out our environment.

The 11th hour documentary we watched in class was very interesting. It made me want to call and tell my friends and family “HA, TOLD YA SO”! I always seem to be the crazy one whenever it comes to talking about global warming. They always laugh or say it won’t get that bad. However, it can get that bad and it will if we continue to think that way. I think everyone should get the chance to view the documentary because it was very insightful. I have always had some sort of idea what sustainability is, but after watching that I understand a little bit more. It also made me want to really learn more about what I can do to help and make sure I am not contributing to any of the harm being done.

The article about the fashion industry and sustainability gave a lot of key points and information about how environmental factors are looked over. I have heard a lot about this before. Many retailers and people in general, may think that being more ‘sustainable’ means spending more money or putting in more time + effort. Actually, it does not have to be that way. Choosing a more sustainable plan could actually reduce costs and save time on production.

This week was my first week, since I was enrolled late and so far so good. I am excited to be apart of a class learning about what we can do to have more sustainable actions. I like having classes that I actually enjoy what I am learning about. I am excited to start my journey to sustainability.


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