Mindfully Sustainable

The first day of our second week, we had a reading over Mindfulness. We had a guest speaker enter our classroom to talk about mindfulness and how to meditate two ways. The first meditation we did in class was about our senses. As we meditated, our speaker talked about what to focus on, my attention went straight to that. The second mediation was to concentrate on breathing. I loved both meditations equally. I felt very relaxed and my mind was clear from the outside world. Before coming to class, I was stressed about all the things I needed to get done before the end of the day. When I walked out of class, I felt more calm and I ended up doing just fine the rest of my day. I’m really considering incorporating a meditation everyday.

The second day of the second week, we started off with a fifth teen minute meditation. Like two days prior, I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we talked about our reading that we had to do before class. The topic was, “Are Western Values, Ethics, and Dominant Paradigms Compatible with Sustainability?” I was on the “NO” team, and we had a discussion in class between the “YES” and “NO” articles. I agreed more with the “NO” team because I do believe that our population and the consumption rate is growing rapidly and not in ratio to feed everyone on the planet. It’s more difficult to get humans to change their daily lifestyle dramatically to help the environment. Almost everyone in class agreed with the “NO” article as well. Although not everyone agreed on way for us to be sustainable, we all agreed that we needed to be sustainable in general.


About dqcompclass

I'm from Broken Arrow, OK, I'm a Business Management Major, and I'm an Alpha Chi.
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