Idealizing Western Society

This week I learned about two different aspects that can affect sustainable actions, mindfulness and paradigms. Not only did I learn about mindfulness and paradigms separately, but I was able to find the correlation between the two which create an overall pattern to the way people react to sustainability. If mindfulness is practiced, there is often a realization and awareness that happens within someone in which their true beliefs and thoughts, paradigms, are revealed. This realization may include the ways in which they are personally destroying the environment and then change their actions. Ideally, this process would occur to everyone and then all of the society would be completely mindful of their destructive actions, but sadly the ideals aren’t always reality.

In the article over mindfulness and meditation, the main argument was that when people begin meditating, their happiness and awareness increases which can help with sustainability problems. I do agree that meditating can lead to happiness but I am skeptical about it leading to sustainable actions. First, I believe meditation will only work for people that are open to it. In today’s society, people are incredibly stubborn which means when they are told that meditating can change their views, they would no longer be open to the idea so even when they do meditate they have a mental wall blocking them from completely engaging or they do not want to admit the meditation is changing anything at all. Along with stubborn people, I believe there are people like me who even when they do start meditating, it does lead to happiness but not necessarily more sustainable actions. I have been practicing meditation throughout this week after Tuesday because I thoroughly enjoyed it but as the week has gone by, I did not notice any differences in my thoughts on sustainability. Not only did I not notice a difference in my thoughts, to be completely blunt I noticed a decrease in my thoughts about sustainability this week. It has only been a week so I do have hope that I will be able to change the route it has already taken. In the end, I believe that meditation may be able to lead to sustainable actions but it has to be the right person practicing it.

In the taking sides article, I was on the “yes” side which means I read about how the western paradigms are matching up to sustainable actions mainly due to globalization. The “no” side, from what I know, was about how the western paradigms are not matching with sustainable actions due to the high amount of consumerism in western culture. I am really on the fence about these two sides. On one side, I do agree that western society is destroying our planet from the amount of consumerism that happens here but on the other side, I see that globalization might have the potential to create sustainable objects to cancel out the amount of consuming we do. For me, I don’t think I have a major problem of consumption but then I think back to the first week of school when I bought new tennis shoes because they were more in style than my perfectly functioning older tennis shoes that were no longer in style. Just like me, people might think they are not major consumers but that is just because it is what our society sees as normal. The only way in my opinion for people to change their ways is to create laws which means the government should be involved because as history has shown, change comes from laws and regulation. I will continue to create my opinion, or my side, of this subject continuing on throughout the class.

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1 Response to Idealizing Western Society

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    This is an exceptional blog! You are exploring these concepts in depth, and you are the only student this week that has synthesized across the topic of our two days to explore the topic of paradigm development. Great job!

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