Could you imagine a mindful world?

Mindfulness has a whole new meaning to me. I have found it hard, because of everything that goes on around me and how busy I stay, that it is hard to simply step back and become mindful of the world around me. Yes, I try very hard to walk around campus with no distractions and to really look at the world around, but sometimes I don’t remember the walk I just had to my car. So what will really happen if everyone becomes mindful of not just their own lives, but others? Will there be change? Will there be more conflict? I believe change will definitely happen. Looking at the person next to you, you can step back and take in what impacts their life, and when you start to think about that, you start to think about not only that one person but the people in their life, and so the list goes on. Could you image what 5, 10, 30 minutes a day of stepping back and becoming mindful of others around you could really do? In my opinion, it’s a challenge, but its challenge we all have to take on. I do believe that becoming mindful will better the likely hood of things getting better, but I do believe that alone will not change what is going on in this world.

Mediation has become a daily routine for me ever since Tuesday. I do yoga about 4 times a week, but yoga to me was being able to better my body, never my mind. After meditation Tuesday, it truly opened up a new mindset for me. I started to go into a yoga class with a whole new mindset, and would come out completely different.  There is so much that goes on in the world day to day, and so much nonsense that clouds our minds, that its extremely important to build up that ability to clear your mind, and become aware of what it really does to our body.

I also believe that becoming mindful and taking the time to meditate will help the arguments, like the “yes” and no” groups held, come to some sort of agreement. In class, we got the chance to voice what we thought to the other side, and that side sat and listened, and then the other side went on to voice theirs, and we listened. That is what needs to be done. Yes, we all have many different opinions, but various people let their own opinions take up their whole mind, and just sitting and listening to what others have to voice, makes their skin crawl and their irritation level starts to climb. This can be one of our many problems. From this I realized, I have to allow myself to hear others out 100%, take in what they have to say, and then voice in an appropriate manner, what I also think, and then from that collaboration begins, agreements should form, and if we are lucky enough, problems could be solved.

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