Mindfullness and Meditation

This past week, in Wicked Problem Solving, has to be my favorite so far. Right off the bat we had a guest speaker, she was very entertaining and extremely enjoyable to listen to. She was laid-back, and she talked to us about mindfulness and meditation. As our class sat there meditating all I could think about was the small noises or everyone breathing and fidgeting around me. That’s exactly what our guest speaker was trying to get us to do. She wanted us to hear noises and other movements that we wouldn’t normally hear, to become more aware of our surroundings. I for one absolutely love the meditation and will continue to do it. I do a lot of yoga (preferably hot yoga) in my free time and that involves quite a bit of meditation. It is an out of body experience that calms your mind and just overall puts you in a better mood. A couple days later in the week, our class continued to do meditation. For the first ten minutes of class on Thursday we sat in our beanbags and meditated. During this class, we talked about our reading that we had been assigned. The topic was, “Are Western Values, Ethics, and Dominant Paradigms Compatible with Sustainability?” I personally had no idea what a paradigm was before reading this article, but it is a model or a typical pattern or example. Our class was split up into to two teams, the “YES” team and the “NO” team. Although I was on the “YES “team, I agree with the “NO” team on this topic. During our discussion in class the “NO” team mentioned how the rate of consumption on the goods we have is too high and continues to rise faster than the earth can compete with. I think for us to become more sustainable as a planet we all need to come together and change our ways. It may be difficult but if we take it one step at a time, one issue at a time, I think the world we live in today could be completely different.

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