Mindfulness About Sustainability

Sustainability, what is it? What does it look like? I myself am still learning and figuring this out. Before coming to college, I new there were issues in the world. There’s always something happening somewhere. But I never paid much attention to the news or what was happening, I thought “it isn’t directing affecting me so it shouldn’t matter that much right?”. Wrong. After being in class my eyes have been open. Like I said in my last post. There are so many “wicked problems” in this world. Global warming is real. We are over populating. We are slowly killing the Earth and we are seeing the consequences of our actions daily. I never knew how bad these issues were, and how what I do affects them. I knew I should be mindful and more sustainable, but I never knew the affects of when I’m not. I would brush my teeth and think “If I leave the water this one time who is going to hurt?” “I have water so why not use it?”. I was selfish and unknowledgeable. With all the wicked problems in the world, I never thought it was as bad as it is, or knew I was a part of the problem.

What I have learned about sustainability so far is that it is crucial or we will not continue on this earth much longer. Doing the “yes/no” reading in class this past week we discussed sustainability more in depth. I was on the “yes” team, the main point was globalization, having the key takeaways being globalization is our downfall right now but as we continue to advance globally we will grow in knowledge and technology being able to reach a turning point to help start improving the environment. Everyone in the class disagreed with that statement, including me. We need to be taking action now towards sustainability now. We need to be spreading the word, making society more knowledgeable about these major issues in our world. We need to start improving the environment now. This all goes for me. This is where mindfulness kicks in. having the knowledge of how you need to be mindful is key. If I knew the affects that would take place beforehand I would be more mindful. From how much water I use, what I throw away, and just all the little things you don’t think about much. Everything has an effect on something and we are seeing them today with how bad climate change is and what all is happening in the environment around the world.

There are so many wicked problems in this world. It blows my mind more and more every time I come to class, even doing the reading. A big part of it for me is I never put in much thought to really anything. Not for to long at least. When it comes to me being mindful, this is an area of my life I need to improve in immensely. During class this past week, talking about mindfulness, it showed me so much. From doing the meditation I realized how many thoughts I have going on, from stuff I need to do, what is bothering me, what noises I’m hearing, what others think of me. One thing after another. I learned though that all the things I realized I was thinking about and being mindful for weren’t as important as issues I should be. I shouldn’t be worried about what to where, but be mindful for the fact there are kids that don’t have anything at all, and that’s not just including clothes. On top of learning more about where my mindfulness is placed, I was able to become more in touch with myself, and once I do that it will help me be mindful in the right ways. I really took to heart what Dr. Anne Weese said, “The past is depression, the future is anxiety, and the present is peaceful.”. I learned how to be more present and mindful and have been continuing to implement that in my life throughout this week.

I never thought I would be learning this much, about the world and myself. This class as already taught me so much and everyday I continue to learn and grow taking the knowledge I have learned and expressing that in my everyday life. “The power of our thoughts can determine our reaction. Paying attention to what the purpose is, and being mindful” Dr. Anne Weese. Being more mindful about sustainability will be the make or break for our future, and I am thankful I have the opportunity to learn and be able to take this to help the future of this world.

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