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The past two weeks in Sustainability class we have learned all about how important it is to reduce reuse and recycle. I think this is very important to protect our environment we live in. I think we face new challenges and have to adapt to different things polluting our environment everyday and its a growing problem. I think sustainability means creating or changing old habits and making good changes to help maintain the environmental balance.

The 11th hour movie was very interesting. I found it strange when they talked about the government not wanting to help fund with sustainability being so important in todays times I would think this would be on the top of their priority list. The movie also got me thinking about all the things I waste in a day and made me more self-aware.

The Fashion and Sustainability article we read this week was informative. I always knew that we waste a lot and are very harmful to the earth in the fashion industry this article just restated that and opened my eyes yet again with just how important practicing sustainability is.

The wild thing exercise was difficult for me because it required us to think fast. I like to take my time and prefect things and this activity rushed me. The activity also required us to think creatively as a group. I felt like my group communicated very well with each other and we were very respectful of each other’s ideas.

I learned while working in my learning group that we are all getting older and are learning to accept ideas and getting work done on a project much more efficiently now. I used to not enjoy working in groups but now that I am getting used to it and adjusting to speaking up I find it easier. My learning group worked well together this week.

I also did the carbon footprint but I forgot to take a photo of my ending results and am not unsure of how to log back in. But it pretty much said I was leaving a huge “footprint” because I have a few bad habits such as leaving the lights on all day, washing my clothes even when I do not have a full load and I also flew to New York over break and I really like to fly which does not help the size of my footprint.


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.40.37 PM.png

Easter Island was very eye opening to me. It concerned me because they people who lived there acted similar to us what if this happens to our own? What will we do if we run out of resources? Will we be able to adapt?

Fashion sustainability of environmental healthy design and historic interiors is something human science majors really need to work on. I feel like if we start making students aware of the issue and start encouraging them to think creatively on how to fix or help solve the problem the issue will become smaller. I hope this is something everyone in my college will work towards.

I visited New York over the break and I could already see myself thinking differently about the waste. One day after finishing my lunch and filling full after eating only half I was thinking to myself about how good of a sandwich I had just ate and was thinking what a waste that I now have to throw the other part of this delicious sandwich away.. Here I sat in NY with a problem that I needed to solve that is when I got to thinking of ways to not waste my perfectly good half of the sandwich I brainstormed these few ideas

  1. take it and eat it later ( which I knew was a bad idea because I did not want to carry it all over NY)
  2. just be wasteful throw it away (which I hated that idea)
  3. wrap it up and feed it to the homeless (surly I could find someone hungry in NY)

I went with option 3 and sure enough after walking only 1 block there was a man who was so happy to have my left over sandwich. I was glad I went with option 3 because I felt better not wasting it and I know the homeless man enjoyed it.

Abby Schwarz

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