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Sustainability to me is an idea that makes the earth a better and healthier place to live in for not only humans but all kinds of life all throughout the world. Watching 11th Hour was eye opening. It frightened me a little bit too because I felt like the created this movie to try to help people understand the crucial importance of our world and how it’s being treated along with the cause if we continue to treat it the way we do. Reflecting on our last two  lectures I can already tell how impacted I am going to be by our main topic: sustainability. It is becoming so important that I gain the knowledge of everything I can do to practice sustainability and also spread the word to get more and more people aware of the importance as well. Regarding the Fashion and Sustainability article, it opened my eyes to how much room for improvement there is in the fashion industry being sustainable. The good thing about fashion is that there is no right or wrong answer so there are endless opportunities and ideas you can create to better help the environment. The Wildest Thing exercise was fun and creative. The end result of our learning community was to create a vending machine for clothes that you can insert or buy used clothes instead of throwing them away. I think this is such a good idea and decreases the amount of waste you create. There were a lot of good ideas to solve sustainable issues. According to my carbon foot print my habit is 8.1 tonnes and the ideal habit is 2 tonnes. Recommendations to improve my carbon footprint is consume less dairy and recycle more glass, paper, and cardboard. For dairy it states that I should not exceed the recommended amounts of dairy products you need to stay healthy. For recycling glass it says that recycling 100% of your glass waste will save you 4.2kg CO2/year. Lastly, for recycling paper and cardboard it states that today on average 80% of all household paper waste gets recycled, but it could be better! I was not able to attend the lectures about Easter Island and the Dust Bowl.

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