Can meditation fix our problems?

It’s crazy how the second week of a four-week class is already over; time is flying by. Since this class is so short, we are forced to do a lot of thinking on our own and reflecting on the week and the time spent in class. This course is not like a regular class where they teach you during class and when you leave you to have a worksheet to fill out. Having a discussion based class is quite fascinating especially when the studies are real world problems that in one way or another affect all of us.


I am still not quite sure I 100% understand the concept of a paradigm and its relativeness to sustainability, but the way everyone perceives an issue is different and opinions vary. Personal experiences and beliefs also are a huge contributor to how we react to problems and going about fixing them. With that, I also do understand how mindfulness and meditation relate to sustainability as well. I’m all for meditation and being self-aware, but for me, if I’m going to take the time to be in tune with my body and thoughts I have to be doing yoga. If I am told to sit there and think about my thoughts I will fall asleep, I’m not going to lie I was extremely close to falling asleep on Tuesday when we were doing our exercises, but that’s just me and I know what works best for my mind and body. I do think it is an essential thing throughout our crazy lives to take time out of each day to relax and unwind, but that is different for everyone. Being mindful and aware of your surroundings could make you more conscious of the wicked problems that we each attribute to, is it a solution though; no I do not believe it is a solution to our world problems.


Going into Thursdays class knowing we were on “yes” and “no” sides I was excited to have a discussion and to hear the other teams point of view on how the western civilization way of life could reduce some wicked problems in our world. After listening to the yes sides views, I was sure glad I was on the no side. Because I did not agree that living a western lifestyle would solve any problems. I do believe that it is not a bad thing for the globalization of countries to happen but there needs to be proper guidelines and rules set in place to combat the expansion and consumption. The idea that an up-and-coming country will have lots of pollution and waste when they first get off the ground but will eventually level out makes no sense. That’s why around the world we need to have better information skills, and now we have the knowledge to understand how problems do affect Earth we just have to be smart enough to realize how to fix these problems.


I am excited to see what this week’s class and discussions bring to start making us more aware of more and more issues we are facing in our everyday lives as well as if we continue into DHM careers. Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice is a brilliant class to have and make us aware before we are in the workforce facing a wicked problem our industry produces and having to rack our brains to try and help the issue.

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