Changing the World a Thought at a Time

The second week of the wicked problems course has come and gone, this week I had a harder time finding how meditating and paradigms were connected at all. To be quite honest I wasn’t even sure I understood what a paradigm was. The definition said in class was I believe, “a pattern of something” it was most likely said in a better definition but I was so confused that I was lost halfway through the discussion.

On Tuesday we began to discuss meditation; I attempted to listen the speaker which was describing how our thoughts are all over the place and that it’s not a bad thing but it’s important to stop for some time and collect our thoughts back to ourselves. It’s funny because the entire time my thoughts were going everywhere: “I wonder what I should be thinking? I wonder what she’s thinking? What does she even mean by be at one with my thoughts? This is supposed to me make me happier? How will this help me change the world?” To say I was confused is an understatement.

My main problem was how in the world does meditating relate to paradigms? Paradigms as I later discovered is the way a person thinks: their beliefs, assumptions, mind. I was so lost on how focusing my thoughts on the moment and paradigms went hand and hand.

Needless to say, I gave the weeks articles another read. I found that being at one with your thoughts is going to keep you more grounded. Yes, it is still supposed to make you happier because you’re taking some stress off of yourself by not worrying about the past and thinking that tomorrow will come tomorrow. But also, meditating is supposed to be mindful. I found that my idea of having to force myself to not think was wrong, you’re supposed to be mindful of your surroundings. Use your senses to describe how you feel. The idea is that this time of mindfulness- meditation- will make us see our thoughts and adjust them to do better in the world. That is the connection of meditating and paradigms.

Will it work? Probably not for everyone. Most people are like I am, we don’t see the point in meditating or we simply worry too much about what we’re supposed to be feeling or thinking to truly engage in meditation. I do believe meditating would be an excellent stress reliever as I’ve personally experienced, but it did not make me jump at the idea to change my ideology of life or anything of that matter. Different things work for different people though. Everything works in different ways, so while I don’t truly see meditation clearing my mind to focus on better things someone else might change the world through it.

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