Making a difference

Now that I finished my second week of Wicked Problems I can officially say I know how to meditate. I also would like to say that I successfully made it through my meditations without falling asleep at 8:00 in the morning. Not only did I not fall asleep, but I actually learned how to clear my head and focus on my surroundings. I think meditation will be a great tool for me to use in the future not only because I tend to bottle things up, but also because I stress about things very easily and I can see myself using mediation to become more aware and to calm myself down.

Last week, we had a discussion over globalization and the effects it has on the earth. I was apart of the “Yes” team for the discussion which meant that I agreed that globalization is a basic reason for the global problems that occur in today’s world. I completely disagreed with my article even after a few minutes of reading it.

The article stated that a more developed world will produce positive benefits by exporting knowledge and technology to less developed countries. I completely disagreed with this paradigm. Globalization would not produce positive benefits because once these countries created technologies and advanced enough they would eventually start to collapse. The smaller countries would not be able to sustain themselves because they want to develop so quickly in order to catch up to the “big guys” or the wealthier countries which will in turn run them out of resources.

Furthermore, advancing in such technology at such a fast rate in these small countries will also create pollution and increase global warming. So what can we do to help these small countries without destroying them? In my opinion I think they should stay undeveloped. If they stay undeveloped they are doing less harm on the world. But for the big countries, we need to make a change. Whether that be reducing energy consumption, picking up trash off the highway, or reusing a water bottle instead of buying plastic. Now, I have decided to take a stand myself to better the environment. I will limit my energy consumption, start recycling more than I normally would, use less plastic water bottles, and pick up trash whenever I can. Anyone can make a difference.

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  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    An exceptional blog! Way to go!

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