Meditating on mindfulness

As we continue to go into depth on the topic of wicked problems, I find myself becoming more and more intrigued and engaged in the discussion. This week we discussed mindfulness and what exactly it means to be mindful. First of all I had no idea what was considered a “Wicked problem”  until I took this class, let alone that humans are a main factor in the cause of a wicked problem, and it’s all because most of us are just not aware. So I asked myself… Am I aware? The answer was no. Not only did I realize that I’m not aware of the things happening around me, but I couldn’t even think of 5 detrimental issues happening in the world today. My next realization was that I’m part of the issue. To be honest I didn’t even know how bad hurricane Harvey was until I was watching Ellen and Miley Cyrus talk about how Miley was raising money to go towards the people in Houston. I then took it upon myself to look up some current wicked problems so that at least I could keep up in the conversations in class. During my brief research I came across a few wicked problems that I had not considered, such as; The decreasing amount of oil on earth, military based closure, ect. Those were just a few examples of the countless ones I had never even heard of. While gathering all of this information I think it’s important to reflect on what i’ve learned in preparation for what comes next. Something that I have found surprisingly eye opening is meditation. I can honestly say it is something I had never done before. It seems like I’m always on the go and never really have time to just take a deep breath and reflect on my thoughts. Sure, doing research and watching the news can contribute to how aware someone becomes, but meditation made me aware in a different way. I became aware of sounds that I had never taken the time to listen too, smells that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise, and the never ending distractions that kept coming to mind when I tried to focus. Now that I have written about my realizations this week, I think it’s time to meditate on them. Until next week…

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