This week i would say ive learned things that i haven’t learned before. I wasn’t able to make it to class due to a family issue i had to go back home for but i was able to be there for Tuesdays class and i truly loved it. I loved learning about the meditation and actually having someone there in class that walked us through it and asked questions and i really felt that meditation for me at least it such an amazing thing to add to your every day life. The article we read for Tuesdays class as well was very interesting to me. I loved learning about the minds well being and a health state of mind and that its good for you to have your times where you sit back and take time to yourself. It was hard for me at some points when we were actually practicing as i wasn’t sure what i should or shouldn’t be thinking and i felt like my mind kept wondering. I liked that learning that you can use difference senses to describe how you feel in a stronger sense once you tune into them. I really think that this method would be amazing for when your stressed and just need a breather, i feel like it would truly help me calm down in certain situations. I do think there are so many benefits to meditating and that although it may not be for everyone it should at least be given a try.

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