Meditation is Key

Mindfulness has been a topic that has been on my mind for a while, trying to live in the here and now is an area of my life that I have been consciously working on improving. Due to the constant technology around us today keeping us wired at all times, it can be hard to live in the moment but rather be caught up in the digital world. This is an issue that is not only psychologically damaging, but also damaging to the environment due to human’s disconnection from the natural world. With a greater sense of clarity due to mindfulness of thoughts and actions, people could thoroughly realize the actions needed to improve the environment and thus the quality of living.


Now, it is about questioning myself on how to improve my thinking and the process by which I think. This is a hard process and will be something I will continually attempt to practice until it becomes a natural part of my everyday life. This daily practice will include processing what is happening around me at its full potential and using what I observe and learn to better my life experience. Meditation will be a daily key to clarity through the deep processing of thoughts that will eventually be recorded on paper through probing my mind of questions I am uncertain about. Hopefully, not only I will realize the benefits of mindfulness but so will the rest of the population resulting in a healthier world.

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