The definition for mindfulness is being awake and taking note of whats going on around us. Sounds so simple right? I wrote this down in my notes and didn’t think anything about it until when I was sitting in class the next day. I read it again to refresh my memory on what the topic was for the day and thought to myself, “For something that I do everyday ‘being awake and aware’ I am not the definition of mindful when it comes to my thoughts and my body.

This really processed to me when we did meditations with our public speaker. I’m not really into meditating or yoga of any sort. As I placed my feet flat on the ground, my hands flat on top of my legs, and closed my eyes to focus on my thoughts it was so hard for me not to just fall asleep.. so then I focused on a certain spot in the room. That just made my thoughts not quit. On Thursday I got better on focusing on my breathing, sounds and not letting my thoughts take over, so I’m excited to see how this week turns out.

When it comes to the thought of mindfulness and sustainability being on the same level, I don’t see it at all. To me, mindfulness is getting in tune with yourself. Taking care of yourself. Finding yourself on a deeper level. I don’t see that making you more sustainable. I find that to be a bit far fetched that you just meditate and then become sustainable.

I enjoyed the reading on Thursday and being on the No side. I believe what Erik says about the western culture. How that consumption has taken over. I feel like we as humans are way more concerned about the things we possess, then anything that is ever going on in the world. We want all the riches in the world, but don’t want to fix anything that doesn’t pertain to us. i believe that is the mindset of most of the world today.

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