Mindful Meditation

In class on Tuesday we had a day where we discussed mindfulness and its benefits. I have heard of mindfulness before but only through my friend. When he was struggling with depression and anxiety he learned about mindfulness. Through its practice it has helped him maintain and overcome his adversities he struggled with earlier in the year. Now he has taken control of his struggle and is doing great as now. I never actually practiced mindfulness myself, well not the meditation aspect of it, it sounds strange but I never really knew if I was meditating correctly. In class on Tuesday we got to actually practice the meditation aspect of it. At first I thought you were supposed to count sheep or something like that. I actually found out that you’re supposed to be one with your thoughts and just maintain a sense of stability. When I first achieved the meditation aspect of it I felt pretty great. In my mind I couldn’t stop smiling. I was calm and I let go off the little things that were bugging me at that very moment. From this experience I will practice it outside of class. I find it better than sitting and blasting music while studying. I now actually prefer quiet surroundings. So that I can be one with my thoughts. I find that meditation is a great way to get yourself back into reality. For example, I felt really overwhelmed with classes, even though I had nothing to worry about. I was just stressing over the little things that can be easily accomplished. Just letting my thoughts roll by was just so soothing and uplifting. After class that day I felt pretty great, almost as if I had a full night’s rest. To connect mindfulness to sustainability I believe that through practice one can be more aware. With mindfulness this course helped me become more aware of things. Made me aware of materialistic things that I don’t always need. It’s usually just a want. Through this realization I hope that I can possibly influence others to be more aware of their surroundings. In the end take it like a grain of salt and be more considerate.

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