Mindfulness and meditation

After I finished my second week of wicked problems I got to learn a couple things. On Tuesday I got to learn about mindfulness and how mindfulness wasn’t a huge part of my life. Mindfulness is pretty much being aware what is around you and taking note of what is going on inside us and around us. Then after discussing about what mindfulness was I got to learn how to meditate. At first I was pretty hesitate about this whole idea and I kind of held back, but then I tried to keep that open mind and I actually enjoyed it. I hated how tired it would make me feel after, but it really does help me relax for those few minutes of peace I have in my life.

On Thursday we sort of had a small debate and I was on the “yes” team. This debate was over globalization and its effects that it has on earth. My side of this debate pretty much meant that I do think globalization has a huge effect on our earth. Now personally I am both sides with different parts of these articles. Some parts I completely disagreed on with my article and some I disagreed on with the “no” side.

This article talks about how countries that are wealthier will have a better environment. They will have easier access to producing better environmentally friendly technologies. I honestly sort of disagree with this statement I think poor countries do try to keep their environment as healthy as they can. This week has taught me that I need to focus on others and what is going on around me than just focusing on myself. I also need to step back once in a while and have some time on my own to just think.

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