Mindfulness, Meditation and Mona

I loved this past week, totally an excuse to lay back and relax for an hour! My mom is a certified yoga teacher but I would be lying if I said I knew how to properly meditate. I really enjoyed our public speaker and her telling us about the meditation apps, most professors don’t encourage device usage but she was very up to date on what college students are now using. Meditation, for me, plays into this course because when we become more mindful and centered, our minds become clearer and better focused for solutions to problems around us. As I try to make this post more positive, I will say, being part of the “yes” team is easy for me because I do believe we can make a 180 and work towards a sustainable future. I see us making several positive strides in the direction of better practices for our environment. As far as letting go of our western culture, I think there is definitely a correlation between our values and our current climate situation. Western values are important to most everyone and myself and I don’t see much a problem with that. Foreigners strive to come to our country because of our values and what we uphold as important: family, fashion, homes, music, parties, and sports… Maybe I sound superficial and this does have its similarities to Easter Island but WE ARE HUMAN. I value my life and life for future generations so I recycle, try to eat clean and walk to class when I can to use less gas but really, that’s all I desire to do. The next two weeks could change my thoughts and opinions but that is my current stance. But this week really was all about meditation, mindfulness and Mona.


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