Mindless practice

Mindless practice was very interesting and made me open my mind and body to a new practice. The meditating made me think how my day would be different if I stopped and smell the flowers I would be more calm. I would react to my day different. My peers explained that they would be more happy and content throughout their day. I personally noticed little noises and smells that were soothing. You realize the little details of your surroundings. I plan on using this practice to help me start my day off better  and brighter.

Sustainability is a never ending wicked problem. The human kind are not together as a culture to come together and end this problem of stainability. In every aspect of stainability, whether it is in resources or this planet staying a home to our species, is never ending. Our species will just adapt to the issues that are needed to be adapted to. I believe that humans are made to overcome situations that we are put in.

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