So my week was different from most in that I wasn’t able to attend class due to being stuck in Houston from Hurricane Harvey all week. However, I still participated in my own ways. The readings we read having to do with mindfulness and sustainability made me think a lot about them.

For the first article, it talked a lot about the health and well being of yourself is affecting the way we view and perceive sustainability. Happiness seems to take priority in this and the way you act around people. Personally I feel like meditation is good. Its like a cleanse for your mind and gives you space to reconcile your thoughts. Meditation was talked about a lot in the reading. I do feel like having good mental health is super important for every aspect of life and especially sustainability. I feel like it definitely helps decisions to be clearer. Mindfulness I believe really does help you to have so much more clarity. I think relating this back to class it has to do with our mindfulness allowing us to make better and smarter decisions about the world around us.

For the second article, I was on the no side for western paradigms being compatible with sustainability. In the article we read and took notes over it had stated that larger inputs of materials and energy lead to higher levels of consumption levels. This creates more waste in the world which causes problems. This has definitely become important in society because people use a lot of things they don’t need. Honestly me being home this past week in Houston during the hurricane has shown that a lot and also shown mindfulness put into play.

People all around Houston and areas all around the whole US were praying for the city and helping and volunteering like I have never seen before. People are giving away their things and donating money and other things they might want but not necessarily need because some people lost everything in this natural disaster and need it more than them. It actually I think was good for the environment after this terrible natural disaster hit (probably due to climate change) and this i leading to less consumption by people since a lot is being donated to help which creates less waste as well. And people are also taking time to pray for others and have a good mind set which is doing a lot of good for the world. It was really cool to be able to see that first hand in the midst of a disaster.

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