Temporarily Unaware, Forever Mindful

I have never come to the realization about what is means to be mindfulness, nor truthfully have I ever actually tried to be mindful. I’ve never taken the time to stop what I’m doing and really focus on what is happening now rather than about what has happened in the past or about to happen in the future. Meditation isn’t something that I would normally try, but since it was required for class i’m not opposed to doing it. Others say it’s works for them but i’m not entirely sure it would work for me. I guess it also depends on the effort you put into it. I tried my hardest to participate in the meditation and at some point it work for a very few seconds and then my mind would began to wondering on things that I had no busy wondering about. We were told to let our thoughts cross our minds then focus back to meditating, while not judging ourselves. How do I not judge my thoughts that I have? How do I not think negative thoughts when It is my fault they are there? I tune into my senses and find that there is more than the eye sees. When I was meditating and asked to explore what I could smell I told myself I didn’t smell anything and for a few moments I was right. But when asked to really focus on my smells that surround me I began to realize I could smell things around such as the shampoo in my hair, the new smell of the bean bags and more. And I asked myself what more I could do if I continued to open myself up to my surroundings.
Before thursday’s class I had no idea what a paradigm was or that it even existed. I was on the Yes teams articles and like many others I was afflicted with agreeing with the article and its arguments. The article stated that wealthier countries value environmental amenities more highly and enhance their production by employing environmentally technologies. With this I don’t see how that makes the poorer countries better or even helps them. I don’t agree that this helps the environment. The paradigm that even though economic growth produced more pollution, the greater wealth and higher incomes also generate a demand for a cleaner environment. But is this really true? What about the poorer part, how can they receive a clean environment?
Being aware of situations like this puts us one step forward towards a possible solution. I’ve learned more in two weeks of Wicked Problems class than I have in any class. My mind has been opened to possibilities and certain things that I never knew could affect me as much as they do. I love that I have been able to ask myself how does this affect me as a person> How does this affect my everyday life and those around me? I will forever stop and take the time to really focus on what I’m doing now rather than what’s ahead of me.

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