The Start of a Sustainable Life

I hate to admit it, but I really don’t know much about sustainability, and sadly, I’ve never really cared to learn more in the past. When this class began, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or if I would even enjoy it, but in the past few weeks, I feel like I’m already more knowledgable about sustainability and how it relates to our lives.

I enjoyed using the Wild Thing exercise to get to know my learning community. At first, I was nervous having to talk about what I knew about sustainability with my peers, but it was much easier than I anticipated especially because the solution possibilities could be as crazy and out-of-the-box as possible. I ended up learning even more sustainability problems because we got to pass around our assignments and bounce ideas around from other learning communities. I felt that the Wild Thing assignment was a perfect introduction into the class, as well as the problems and potential solutions of sustainability.

On the Habbits website, I got the score of an 8.7. This was shocking because it made me more aware of how awful I really was treating the world I live on. My household is constantly doing laundry, taking long showers, and not recycling as much as we should. This website was a great way to really put it into perspective how many things you do during your daily life that could be changed to be more sustainable. The website gave me some great ideas and suggestions on how to implement sustainable changes into my day-to-day life.

I also felt as though I gained more of an insight into today’s problems with sustainability through the film, The 11th Hour, we watched in class. I wasn’t particularly excited about the movie because I’m not normally a big fan of documentaries, but I still managed to somewhat enjoy the film. It was eye opening to me to learn about actual issues that are happening and are of actual concern to us and the world we know. Of course, this movie was released in 2007, so some of the information and opinions may not be relevant anymore. I did find it interesting, as well as extremely saddening, that the scientists featured in this film warned that if change doesn’t happen soon Hurricane Katina-scale events will become the new normal. This was disturbing because of the hurricane in Houston happening currently. It is scary for me to realize the actual results of the impact that we are making on our world. This movie made me realize the sustainability issues on Earth and how desperately the human race needs to make a change.

After only the first two weeks of this class, I am already becoming more knowledgable and aware of sustainability problems and some relevant solutions. As we talked about in class, spreading awareness of sustainability is one of the most important ways to increase those who actively practice being sustainable. I am already attempting to incorporate the solutions we spoke about into my own life. After over a year of living in my own house, I am bringing a big recycling bin into our kitchen instead of only using a garbage can. Although this is only a small change, it is the start of transitioning to a sustainable life. Even the smallest of actions matter.

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