Why can’t the World just Meditate?

This week of Wicked Problems was a doozy; let’s start off with day one. First we talked about the article about mindfulness, and I would be lying if I said reading that article was enjoyable. It was interesting, but it was hard for me to buy into the whole ‘meditating’ thing. That is, it WAS hard for me to buy into it. Tuesday’s class got very interesting when we actually started to meditate ourselves. Mindful meditation was very peaceful, and I found myself enjoying every bit of it, (even when my mind would wander every now and again). Focusing on little aspects of the room/myself was so cool to me! You start to notice small things that you probably would’ve never noticed if you were just on ‘autopilot’. The slight shuffle of people moving in the bean bag chairs, the faint smell of perfume that you can vaguely make out, and the weird little fractals you see when you close your eyes. All of these things I would’ve never noticed, but I took the time to see them. It was amazing!

Now let’s go to Thursday’s class. I was put on the ‘No’ team, and I have to say that I bought into this article 100%, and I had no idea how the ‘Yes’ team could be even remotely believable. When we started to discuss their part during class though, I could see why people would be on their side. I’m not saying that they swayed my opinion on it, because that’s far from the truth, what I’m saying is that I went into it with no idea how anyone could buy into an article saying how the western paradigm is compatible with sustainability, and left understanding how. Believing that when technology/science gets advanced enough, we can sufficiently save the world is a nice thought, but to me it’s a big ‘what if’. What if we don’t get advanced enough in time? What if we are already as advanced as we can get? There’s too many what if’s to this situation to have me calmly accept the ‘Yes’ team’s article. I know that it’s hard for ME to believe this article, but I know others can. At first I have to admit I was acting a bit close minded on this and I had no idea why believing this seemed smart, but I thought it over after class and decided there’s plenty of good reason to believe it. Science and technology have done so much for the world and have already solved so many of our problems, is it really that hard to think that it can solve the most wicked of problems?

Okay now it’s time for me to give a confession: I didn’t know what a paradigm was until I read the ‘no’ article. I know, I know, how dare I not know about the western paradigm?! It was a very interesting thing to learn about, especially since it’s such a big part about our culture. A thought plagued me after class though: what even forms a paradigm? It’s such a big part of what makes us ‘us’, yet I have no clue on how they come to be. If I’m to be honest, I still don’t. I summed it up to this though: our western paradigm has been apart of us for so long and it also plays a part in how we are raised that it’s okay if I don’t know how it came to be. Thinking about it would be going far down a rabbit hole I don’t want to climb down. Now I have a critical reflection question for YOU: Why can’t we all just meditate?

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  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    I cannot find this user name in the blog system, so please let your instructor know that you have changed your blog name, otherwise, there is no way to associate a grade with this blog. Thanks!

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