Wicked Problems: Blog 2

This week we still look at the problems around us but we mainly focused on the type of people we are. The people we are are what define the outcome of our being. There’s mindfulness activities we took part in and was actually quite relaxing. When you sit there you feel small as if you were the only thing that matters until you bring in your senses. The air you breathe makes remember that you’re only human and that without it you’re nothing. Touch makes you remember there are things around you and that Earth is still there. The smell reminds you of places that you are or have been. This sounds around to help identify if someone is near you or if you can hear something in the distance. Your eyes let in all the beautiful colors, you see everything that God has made. Lastly taste to identify what you’re eating.  All the senses that make us human and yet we all believe in different things. The Center of our meditation is not based on what we believe in but rather what we all have and what we all have in common.  This meditation is meant to help us feel whole and it does. Meditation can also help you contemplate on what you think is important.

This week has been my favorite yet because political nonsense has not been shoved down my throat but we have looked in on ourselves and seen what we can do better as humans.  I can appreciate that because although I do not believe the same as some people in the room I believe in making the world a better, cleaner place.

Going into the industry that I will be going into I see how much pollution it gives off. I want to figure out a way to reduce the amount of pollution given off.  I’d like to find a cleaner way.

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