Yes or No??

Yes or No?

I’ve found that taking the time to mediate is yes, a great tool to use but not in a class room. When I come in to class I come in the mind set of learning and acting on what needs to get done. Taking the time to mediate in class is taking my time from learning. If I want to mediate I will do what I usually do and that is to go work out because that is my quite time to clear my mind. As for the material, I’ve found separating the class between yes and no then discussing it in class great way for us as a class to show what we are learning and retaining the information. With the yes side, they questioned whether globalization would help with sustainability. The yes side mention from the article that Grossman and Kruger founded that environmental degradation and income have an inverted U shaped relationship pollution at low levels and decreasing with income at high levels of income. As for the No side there was mentioning in the discussion that the more advance countries tend not to think about the environment as an environment but instead as materials to be used which can cause disasters such as deforestation. Which is consumerism, the consumption of fossil fuels, minerals, and metals that have been minded from earth the more we use the less we we’ll and with it become more slim the prices will continue to rise.

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