Sustainability- a journey

Sustainability to me is doing anything to reduce the impact that you leave on the earth. After going around the room, I realized that sustainability can mean a lot of different things. After thinking more about what sustainability really means to me I began to realize how much is affects me. I have also never thought about the many things I can do to be more sustainable in my everyday life. Being a college student, I had this idea that being sustainable was too expensive and too complicated. I soon realized how easy and how simple it can be to make changes that could reduce my carbon footprint.


The video, 11th Hour, really opened my eyes to sustainability and has made me more aware of sustainable practices everyday. I have heard about the things they discussed in the movie but actually seeing it was very eye opening and sad. Nature has been viewed and treated as limitless which most of it is non renewable. So much of human lives are dependent on fossil fuels as resources and CO2 levels are much higher than ever before. Before watching this video, I had this idea that something small that I change to become more sustainable wont affect the earth in the long run. After seeing how much human life has impacted the earth I am very interested in becoming more sustainable no matter how small of an impact I leave.


While doing my carbon footprint, I was unaware about how every little thing that I do affects my footprint everyday. My carbon footprint is much lower than I thought it would be but this year my house began recycling everything that we can. I have always grown up in a house hold that recycles so I wanted to continue to recycle anything that I can. Living with five other people, my household uses a lot of electricity and produces a lot of waste. After watching the movie and the TED talk I realized how important even recycling can be and it takes no time out of your day to change your impact on the earth.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 7.26.35 PM

After discussing with my learning community and reading the article “Fashion and Sustainability” I thought more about how the fashion industry contributes to the problems in our environment. Not only are fashion manufacturers and companies not sustainable, but many consumers are not sustainable with their clothing. Since fashion trends change so quickly, consumers are very likely to not wear their clothes more than a couple times. While I do try to recycle as much as I can, I am excited to learn about more ways to reduce my carbon footprint. The only way to be sustainable that I hear about is to recycle so I am excited to hear about other ways to be sustainable as a college student.

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