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I didn’t know much about sustainability before this class and I always thought sustainability was just doing things to help the environment. During the first week of class when everyone went around sharing what they thought sustainability was made me realize that there is a lot more to it than I thought. During the first week of lectures we talked about brands that value sustainability or are trying to switch to more sustainable ways. We also were introduced to the carbon footprint which is personalizing how a person can change their habits to become more sustainable.

In class we did the “Wild Thing” exercise which was about learning communities sharing their dreams and gripes on sustainability. Then we would come up with problem statements describing the issue and why we think that issue is important. Lastly, we would brainstorm as a group and come up with a way to solve that issue.

The 11th hour movie was very interesting and opened my eyes more on sustainability. This movie went in depth on how bad things we do or use effect the environment. It also talked about ways we can change these problems, for example, we could build “green” buildings that would function like a tree and consume its own waste and use solar energy. This movie made me realize how even the little things we do can effect the environment in a bad way.

The “fashion and sustainability” article was about how fashion is about trends and fads which can be wasteful. Fashion rates of change are a lot higher now then they ever were which is bad for resource conservation. It also mentioned how the fashion-oriented, free market system creates environmental damage because it over uses resources. The article mentioned to achieve sustainability in product manufacturing the key is design excellence. A way to make fashion more sustainable would be designs of long lasting products and overall just taking small steps in the right, sustainable direction.

My carbon footprint was because of waste and electrical. I need to turn off computers and TVs while not actually using them and I need to not throw out so much food and recycle more.Picture1

The Easter Island and Dust Bowl article was about people not using their resources wisely causing environmental issues. We need to be more aware of the things were doing and realize that some things truly harm the environment. We need to be more educated on sustainability and teach others ways to improve and make changes to becoming more sustainable.

Within the first two weeks of this class I already learned so much about what even the smallest things we do can cause harm to the environment and also ways to change our habits to become more sustainable. From what I’ve learned so far I do not live a very sustainable life and need to change my ways because it is harming the environment.

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