Blog #1

Blog #1

Sustainable Design

Madeline Manning


Reflection on Lectures

I have only been in sustainable design for two weeks and I already catch myself thinking of ways I can reduce, reuse, and recycle. I have slowly, but surely been mentioning to my roommates little ways we can help out our environment around the house. Recycling is a big key, it is very important to recycle, because otherwise the recyclable items will just end up useless and in the trash. In high school I took an environmental science class and my teacher had been on a five-year streak without using water bottles. I know her efforts are small, but beneficial. I would like to begin that streak as well; it is my goal this semester to do so.



Sustainability is a vital aspect to our environment that is often overlooked. Our earth will only last as long as we sustain it.


11th Hour Movie     

The movie the 11th year was quite depressing, yet very motivating. The beginning of the movie was difficult to watch. It scares me that, that movie was create ten years ago, can imagine how much worse our earth is today? We are not only killing the earth, we are killing our human race, if this continues we will be living in a place that will not be pleasant. The earth can survive, it has for millions of years, its us that wont survive. I thought it was interesting how we have lost the beauty of the world and how we feel within earth. We always need to do things instead of enjoying our life. There are endless ways that we are destroying the earth, but there are endless ways we can stop this destruction. They made such an important point, we as humans should spend more time outside enjoying the planet that we live on.


Fashion and Sustainability

The fashion industry produces an abundant amount of clothing that just ends up in the landfill. The materials used the produce clothing use pesticides to produce cotton, over usage of water, GMO’s, and more. The actual production uses chemicals that produce waste, energy use and water use. Ultimately the production of clothing creates unnecessary amount of waste into our environment. There is so many issues that follow sustainability in the fashion industry, if we can become more sustainable producers and consumers our earth will benefit greatly.


The Wild Thing Exercise

I really enjoyed being able to use my imagination to explore sustainable design. I think that our group took it a little far on the wild side, but I liked being able to work as a group to use our imagination. I think we should do more activities like these, because t made learning and collaborating more fun. It was astonishing to me how many different problems groups could come up with, that is sad that there is that many problems in our world that need to be solved.

What I learned working with my group

I learned that working with a group can be difficult, but also rewarding. You must respect your team member thoughts and ideas, because each person has a valuable idea. If you respect their ideas they will intern respect yours. I look forward to working with my group; they offer exciting and creative ideas.


Carbon Footprint

Wow do I have a large carbon footprint! I did not realize how much I alone impact our environment. I live in a house built in the 50’s with five girls; we have poor a/c units, bad instillation and a leaking faucet that waste more water than I can imagine. We have contacted our landlord for tips and tricks to save energy; we are currently working on that right now. It is amazing how much energy and water you waste without even thinking about it. We do take recycling very serious, so that is a start.


Easter island and the Dust Bowl

            The residents completely diminished all resources on Easter Island, in the end it became a place where very little human life could survive. They cut down so many trees they were not able to keep the soil pliable for growth. This is a direct representation of what could happen to our earth, it is a very scary thought. This article reminds me of The Lorax, a Dr. Seuss film and book that teaches a similar lesson. I believe that the Dust Bowl was both man-made and natural. The people cut down so many trees that the wind just carried on and on. My Grandmother was a few years old, living on a farm, when the Dust Bowl occurred, she remembers catastrophic effects. This destroyed our wildlife, farmland, homes and lives.


Healthy Design for Interiors

The amount of energy our houses and buildings use is outrageous. They have passed bills in efforts of lowering the energy consumption. There are so many factors that can lead to bad health, not only in old houses but also new houses. These factors include, lead, asbestos, air quality conditions, VOC’s and more. This article makes you stop and think if your everyday living quarter’s is harming your health.


Sustainable Journey

This class has already significantly altered my daily habits, and thoughts on how I can help the environment. I hope to continue this change and make an even bigger impact than I had originally planned.


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