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My Journey

Before learning about sustainability in this class, I referred to it as more of a debate topic. When talking about the usage of fossil fuels and global warming many people discuss it as a “true or false” matter. Now that I am taking a course over it, I am getting a sense of how critical our manufacturing procedures truly are to the earth. Previously I had defined sustainability as a steady, ongoing growth throughout nature. After getting a sense of what this course was about, I realized how much our production patterns are to blame for the disruption of our planets growth.

11th Hour

Towards the start of the movie a quote was mentioned that really stood out to me, “man kind thinks in a way that they are separate from nature, when in fact we are actually a part of nature.” From the start it had me thinking about the critical truths of our economic society that we live in today. Recently many lives have been affected by the destruction from Hurricane Harvey. In fact the National Weather Service stated that they had to add a new color to their radars in order to graph the latest record of rain fall. With that being our most recent record breaker, it adds on to the many increased droughts, wildfires, and floods mentioned in the movie. It makes me wonder why any of this has yet to catch peoples attention as a whole. After watching the 11th Hour I was inspired to research more about our hazardous industrial systems and how to educate others to join the change.

Fashion and Sustainability

To begin, I believe this passage really emphasized the power that merchandisers and designers have on influencing sustainability. Since fashion is a fast pace cycle as is, people are always watching and waiting to see what the next new fad is. Consumers tend to put their value in items that will make them feel included in the most recent trend. With retail manufacturing playing a huge role in sustainability, we have an advantage in promoting the change. As the article explained, we must not focus on longevity but instead focus on manufacturing clothes that will not harm our earth. Once retailers stand up against harmful production methods together then many consumers will begin to follow.

Learning Communities

Since I was unable to enroll in this class until after the first week I have not gotten a chance to discuss these topics to the full extent with my community members. However I am excited to hear their opinions over the class topics, as well as their experience and what was learned completing the Wild Things exercise and the Carbon Footprint Value exercise.


Reading the Environmentally Healthy Interiors article and the Easter Island article helped me understand the many different aspects of our environment that is killing the earth. Not only is our production process taking affect but the design of our houses are too. When constructing a house there are so many detailed factors that fall into maintaining a sustainable environment. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) group is already taking approaches to designing houses in environmentally cautious ways. I would recommend these articles to people to initiate the movement towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.


From this point on I am excited to learn more about how we, as merchandisers, can take part in creating a sustainable earth. Just within the first couple of classes I have been taught so many things about our industry production that I was unaware of. I am already inspired to make change in my personal life with participating more in saving electricity and recycling. I am looking forward to learning more about sustainability during this course.






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