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Before this class I pushed the word ‘sustainability’ to the back of my mind. The issue was kind of out of sight out of mind for me.  As this class has begun it has brought the issue back to my everyday attention.  Sustainability is becoming a word that is more familiar with people around the world.  As different issues are becoming more apparent, the world is beginning to gain awareness and sense the need for change.  Sustainability to me is finding ways to cut back on things you can go without, while finding different more environmentally and economically friendly solutions.

These past couple of weeks in class have greatly broadened my views about the topic of sustainability.  One very eye opening video we watched was the 11th Hour documentary.  Although it was made 10 years ago it is evident that a lot of the issues they discussed like soil erosion, pollution, and pesticides are a few of the problems that are still very present today.  I really liked the idea that “we need to redesign design”.

When reading the article ‘Fashion and Sustainability’ I wasn’t all that surprised with what I read.  The fashion industry is one of many industries around the world that is contributing to some of the many harmful problems in our environment and economy.  I never really thought about how the consumer is wasteful in the fashion industry, I always associated the companies producing/selling the garments as the “unsustainable” ones, while really consumers have a big impact as well.  It was also very evident how wasteful and uneducated humans are about sustainability in the Easter Island article and Dust Bowl article.  While these were both two different impacts humans have made on the world from history, it is clear we are still learning how to become more sustainable and help rather than harm our environment.

I thought the Wild Things exercise was very interesting and different from any other activity we have done in class.  I really liked the concept of everyone working together and building on one another’s ideas.  It was very fun to hear the different problems and solutions the learning communities would come up with.  While working with my group I learned that there is definitely more than one way to find a solution to a problem and all it takes is a little brain storming.

My carbon footprint was higher than I expected.  My parents have always recycled items like cardboard, plastic, cans, etc. and have engrained it in my brain to always shut off things when you are not using them.  That is why when I got my score I was surprised with the outcome, given I did not know the exact answer to some of the questions asked.  Although it is not 100% accurate, it gives a good idea of how much one person can impact the environment and also simple solutions to help lower your carbon footprint. Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.10.07 PM

I am eager to learn what more I can be doing to help preserve our planet for the future.  I can already tell I am more conscious and aware of certain things that relate to sustainability around me.  I am excited to see my journey evolve over the course of this class!



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