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Week 1 and 2 Lectures

The lectures have been great these first two weeks. I think we have a good foundation and introduction of sustainability and what all goes into it. Now I am excited to dig deeper and really learn how to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle into my everyday life and take that with me past college.


    Sustainability to me means using what you already have and sustaining on that rather than taking more. Living within your means is what sustainability reminds me of.

11th Hour Movie

This was an awesome movie. I learned a lot about what is actually going on with our environment. Some of the ideas I really liked was the concept of building cities like forests and have buildings mimic how trees produce energy. Another idea that I liked was that nature has rights and needs to be respected. I respect nature myself but I had never really thought about it like that before. I felt like that statement was very true and needs to be broadcasted to all big businesses because most of the time people and businesses think they own the environment and can do whatever they please to it. One other thing I liked was when they said that people should think about where they are putting their money because we are supporting whatever the company is doing and they would not be able to continue without our financial support.

Fashion and Sustainability article

    This article pointed out some of the issues with the fashion industry throughout the process of a piece of clothing. I had known that the fashion industry causes a lot of pollution but it was neat to see and go deeper into the issues like the different problems with cotton farming. Another one would be about how many negative effects dye causes for people and the environment. This made me more passionate about sustainability and made me realize how important it is for the fashion industry to make a change and start helping repair the environment. The industry needs to find more sustainable practices.

Wild Thing exercise

This was a very interesting exercise and I actually really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a fast paced CPS Activity from our Problem Solving class. It was fun to see what other groups thought of and everyone’s minds thought of different things for the same prompt. It showed all of our creativity and made us have to think quickly sense we were on a set amount of time so we had to work under pressure.

LC Members

Working with my learning community members went well. We all have worked together at one time or another previously in other classes on group projects before so we were acquainted already with one another.  It will be neat to see how our views of sustainability come together and how they may change throughout the course of this class.

Carbon Footprint

My number was 6.6 tonnes. I answered the questions based on when I’m living at home in Oklahoma City and not in Stillwater. I’m sure my number would be slightly changed if I answered them based on when I live in the dorms. I feel like my number could be worse but there are definitely things I can do to decrease my carbon footprint.

Easter Island and Dust Bowl

    Both of these articles dealt with the environment in some way. The Easter Islands was all about how the society ran the environment into the ground and that they lost their resources. The Dust Bowl was also caused by humans who were over farming their land causing the soil to dry up. These issues were also brought up in the 11th Hour movie when talking about how more natural disasters are happening because of the change in the environment and climate change.

Sustainable Journey

I am really excited for this class and semester. I am interested in sustainability and once I graduate, I hope to find a job within the fashion industry with a company that has sustainable practices in place. I also would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This past summer, I did my internship at a small boutique in Oklahoma City and there we got recycling bins for the store and began recycling everything and encouraged our neighbors to do the same. That was  nice to see that small businesses wanted to help the environment in anyway they could and inspired me to start recycling at home.

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