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The best way I can describe sustainability is using your resources in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and society as a whole. It is something that is so crucial to our survival. It is often overlooked, but when considered it can really change the direction we are all headed. Things like creative and intentional design can lead to advances in sustainability. I do think that we can make a difference even on an individual level. After all, even the biggest movements start with one person.

11th Hour

The 11th Hour movie was very informative. I have never thought about a lot of these points. The movie explains that as a society as a whole we consider natural resources to be limitless and just look at them as assets. WE are concerned with how these resources can improve our economical status. We prioritize money and separate ourselves from nature when in reality we are a part of nature and rely on it completely. I was so shocked to hear some of the facts presented in this movie. They explained that economists don’t realize that if we deplete our resources, it would cost 35 trillion dollars a year to do what nature does for free. It is insane to me that this hasn’t occurred to us sooner and there aren’t more steps being taken to preserve the earth. One fact that I have never thought of that really resonated with me was that 99.999% of ALL species that have lived on earth have become extinct. A lot of that extinction has been caused by the human race. The thing about that that shocks me the most is how much of an impact we as a species have has on Earth on the very short time we have inhabited it.

Fashion and Sustainability Article

In this article Walker discusses that fashion and sustainability have irreconcilable differences. Fashion in and of itself is the very opposite of sustainability. I think for us to move to the level of sustainability that is necessary to maintain a livable environment, it is important that the whole idea of fashion changes. It is going to be up to us wanting products with sustainable qualities or consumers following a different buying cycle that is much slower than the fast fashion calendar that we follow right now.

Wild Thing Exercise & Learning Community

This activity was very interesting. I liked that we got to build off of ideas from other groups. I would not have thought of a lot of the ideas that were presented. The idea that our learning community finalized was an Amazon drone that would pick up recycling for people that either did not have local access to certain recycling or just wanted this convenience. I think that kind of activity is helpful in coming up with creative ideas. In addition it was good to interact with my immediate learning community because we could dialogue with each other and feed off of each other’s ideas. So much more can be accomplished in a group because I feel like the smallest comments can trigger big ideas.

Easter Island and the Dust Bowl

I think learning about these two historical events was very thought provoking. It seems like the people on Easter Island would notice that they were destroying their environment and realize that they were putting themselves in jeopardy. I think that the fact that they didn’t shows that the human race puts focus on certain things and it is easy for us as a society to disregard the consequences of our actions. The Dust Bowl is a similar phenomenon. I think people just become blind to the devastation they are causing because they are getting economic or personal gain. I just hope that we learn from these events because it would be easy to deplete our resources very soon if we don’t make a change in our thinking.

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