Blog 1

Blog 1


 The past two lectures have been very informative on what sustainability truly means. Listening to these lectures has really opened my eyes on just how much sustainability is practiced throughout the world; especially within many different industries. I also began to think about what other ways I could be more sustainable and how I can inspire others to be as well. I also understand now exactly what this course will cover throughout the semester and that my “sustainability journey” begins now.


 Sustainability in my opinion is the practice of various ways one can help keep the environment around them, the environment of the entire world, and themselves clean and healthy. Sustainability can be practiced by an individual or by an entire group, such as a company.

The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour was such an eye-opener. This movie really explains the devastations to the environment that humans have caused. The causes of that devastation really only began recently with the industrial revolution; the damage from then has been substantial. Experts in the movie describe how the environment has changed for the worse and the various ways it is also harming humans. The 11th Hour also reflects on ways we can began to live a more sustainable lifestyle in order to help with our environmental crisis and potentially save the human race from harm. As well as keep the earths environment and its other inhabitants safe and healthy.

Fashion and Sustainability Article

I found this article very informative on a topic I was very familiar with. It was interesting to see someone’s take on fashion and how it relates to sustainability. Learning more about how the fashion industry harms the environment but also how the industry is working to be more sustainable was very important to me. Because I feel it is vital for me to understand sustainability in fashion and how I can be sustainable. Also, ways I can help the industry continue on on a successful sustainable path once I began a career in fashion.

Wild Thing Exercise

This exercise was an interesting way to see just how far my own, and other learning communities, can think outside the box. The exercise was also very unique because we had to continue our ideas off of someone else’s. Which in my opinion is a very good way to see how others are creating solutions to become more sustainable. Which can become inspiring when it comes to future exercises and projects, and also how we can personally become more sustainable.

Learning Community Interaction

I learned that interacting with a new learning community would take some getting used to. But I am confident that each member, including myself, will be able to work together greatly. I feel that my learning community is very diverse and we can come together and generate unique ideas to contribute to our work.

Carbon Footprint

My habbit number was at 7.5 tonnes, with an ideal habbit of 2 tonnes. Practices that led to this value include. The amount of water I use in a week; I take 2-3 showers a day which can lead to a great amount of water usage. I don’t use green electricity and could find more ways to decrease the amount of electricity I use in a week. It was also stated that I should eat less dairy, as I am already a vegetarian I do not consume any meat. Therefore, could find recipes that include less dairy in my diet as well.

Lessons from Easter Island and Dust Bowl

Lessons I learned from these readings was how humans negatively affect the environment by using the resources it provides us irresponsibly. We need to understand the environment more carefully before we began using resources we need to survive. If we use too much the result can be devastating. But once we learn to use our resources responsibly we can then keep our environment healthy and live without our resources diminishing so quickly.

Fashion Sustainability for Environmentally Healthy Design and Historic Interiors

The readings were really informative on how materials the industry uses can be harmful but that there are ways to be more sustainable in the manufacturing of garments and other relatable products. Learning about consumption of energy in a home and the dangers of unhealthy air quality was very interesting as well. I really began to think of ways this could affect my health and the environment around me.

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