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I personally have always been passionate and aware of sustainability throughout our society. To me sustainability is finding creative and unique ways to change our toxic lifestyles that are affecting the earth and environment. However this past week made me realize how much larger the issue is. Not only that, but if we do not make a change to our current lifestyles, then our quality of life and quality of environment will diminish. I came home to notice how much plastic water bottles my roommates and I consume throughout the week. I am going to work on reducing the amount of plastic we use as a household and make my roommates aware. While this may be a small change, I understand that everything helps and we need to start improving somewhere.

11th Hour Movie

I liked the film the 11th hour because it talked about the horrible effects global warming is having on our earth. It briefed on the reality how to become sustainable, we will have challenges along the way through new innovative ways. The movie also states that our behavior and actions towards earth will naturally extinct us. Therefore global warming is not just killing our environment but the human race. One of the most disturbing things that I remember is the pollution seeping and being dumped into our natural water systems.

Fashion and Sustainability

Because this article most covered the apparel industry in the UK, it gave a new perspective besides just thinking about the US. However I enjoyed learning about the statistics of how large this massive industry really is. When the article asked who loses out and who benefits whom, especially directed toward the environment through a flow chart, it made more sense. Some of the beginning issues I learned about are the pesticide used to grow the cotton, which are harmful to the people around them and the water that is seeped into our natural waters, water use (cotton is a thirsty plant), genetic modification and fair pricing and conditions for growers… Animal welfare, toxic chemicals, toxic dyes, full landfills because of over consumption and non-ethical designing. Then you think that using synthetic fibers probably is more eco friendly, however it is the worst.

Wild Things Exercise

The wild things exercise incorporated the learning communities to come together and establish methods of sustainable issues and how to solve them. Once each group brainstormed, then passed it off to the next, they would build off of that idea and make it a reality. It was cool to see one small idea become someone else’s inspiration.

Working with my learning community

I enjoyed working with others in my group to other insights about theses sustainability issues that we are faced. You become the most successful when learning how to work with others, especially when you are pushed to be creative and think innovatively. 

My Carbon footprint/Habbit

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 10.56.13 PM

Easter Island and Dust Bowl

Throughout the article, it compares the destruction that humans have on our earth leaving them unable to live a quality of life that flourishes, but nearly extincts them. Like Easter Island, the earth only has a few number of resources and materials. It makes you wonder how the environment has shaped the human population, and how have the human population shaped the environment. It makes me feel slightly less shameful that our new inventions are not the only thing destructing this earth, but we have been doing this for hundreds of years. These readings made me realize, like the 11th hour movie, that all we do as humans is take, take and take… We need to replenish our dear earth and give back to it.

Fashion Sustainability of Environmentally Healthy Design and Historic Interiors

This article made me realize that not only does the apparel industry horribly affect the sustainability and environment but the interior industry does too. Using more materials and allowing the people inside those homes and building to consume fossil fuels and greenhouse gases more than ever. To be a sustainable designer, especially working with interiors, you must collaborate with a stream of other workers that help make the finished product. The new ideas and unique inventions look at human civilization like an integral part of the natural world and seeks to preserve nature through encouraging conservation in a daily life, Bingelli states. Through the LEED program, it offers people to build and live with green techniques.

Overall, the past couple of weeks have made me really stop to think about how long I take showers, how often I run the dishwasher, leave lamps on, turn my A/C down, use plastic bags, and drive… Just today I was running errands and did not leave one store with a plastic bag because I chose to carry everything. I have reduced my intake of plastic water bottles, and try to hand wash some of my dishes other than running a nearly empty dishwasher. I always shut lights off when I walk by a room and I try to carpool or walk everywhere while I am in Stillwater. I hope that I can continue to be inspired in this course and gain new ways to be innovative to help our earth.

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