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Sustainability can mean many different things such as the use of certain materials, learning to recycle, or “going green.” At its core, sustainability refers to the extent to which development is either self-undermining or self-renewing. However, sustainability to me literally means the process of using a product from start to finish. Finding the balance of the end use of a product and learning how to use it over and over again for the same or many different uses, I think, is the key to sustainability. It’s not just about the environment, it is a movement itself. Changing our economy, changing our lifestyles, the way we build the way we think and so much more impact the way to having a sustainable world.

11th Hour Movie
Thinking about it now, watching the 11th hour documentary broke my heart. Not only is it strongly significant to the Bible and the end days on this Earth, its strong hardcore evidence of what is going on our planet. Man is destroying the natural cycle that God made us to be apart of. Instead, like history repeats itself man is greedy, and believes himself to be superior which will ultimately lead to our downfall. Until we find that we are a functioning part of nature and it takes all kinds to keep this world functioning nothing will change. It takes a good balance, and right now we are totally out of sync with our planet. This video, education on the matter, and personal research have really help me to understand how the human population is impacting this world. The earth’s population or over population, is a huge issue. We live in a very modern, urban, consumerist world which causes us to use up to 40% more of natural resources than we can actually replace. This has to change! As an Interior Designer, I feel that I can help inspire this change. By showing clients that they can make what they have function better and also by inspiring a more minimalistic approach to design. Sustainable design will fuel what future we have left, and I plan on hopping on board.

Wild Thing Exercise
This exercise was a bit chaotic, and not everyone took it seriously, which resulted in some of the problems/solutions being very juvenile or existing. Definitely could have been executed a lot better. A pro from it though was that it showed potential creativity and made us have to think quickly and on our feet.
LC Members
Working with my learning community members went well. I think for the first time in my OSU career I am not paired with a group I see every day, or within my same class or field. It will be interesting to see how our views of sustainability come together and how they may change throughout the course of this class

Carbon Footprint 

Easter Island and Dust Bowl
Both of these articles were similar in the fact that the environment was ultimately destroyed by the inhabitants. The Easter Island article was about how a society found a bountiful and beautiful land but ultimately destroyed the environment and all its resources. The Dust Bowl was also caused by humans who were over farming their land causing the soil to dry up. This brings me back to the balance of nature, and if man thought of nature as its equal as the natives did, and only used the “pick every seventh berry” method this tragedy would not happen. These events were tragic, but after watching the 11th hour video, I see that we are literally completing the exact same cycle!
Sustainable Journey
I am excited for my growth in this class and learning to become more sustainable in my life and in my field. I feel the more that I am made aware by education and research sustainability will become a second nature to me, and for that I am truly and genuinely excited.



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Being a native of Texas, I have a passion for both design and people. I try to live my life to the fullest and walk by faith. Although often, I fall short of both of these task God's grace never fails me. I am blessed beyond belief with life and my beautiful little family.
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